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Related post: Date: Wed, 19 Jul 2006 10:19:53 EDT From: Subject: The Real Garage Mechanic part eightTHIS IS A GAY FANTASY. IF IT IS ILLEGAL FOR YOU list naked nymphets portal TO READ IT FOR ANY REASON PLEASE LEAVE NOW. THE CHARACTERS AND EVENTS ARE FICTICIOUS. THE SEX WILL BE UNPROTECTED. PLEASE PRACTISE SAFE free nymphet pornsites SEX. I lay back exhausted, I was sweaty and thirsty, but still full of lust, desperate to cum again, and I wanted them to start using my twitching boy-hole. Dr. K pulled his softening cock from my mouth, and while they changed places I raised my head and looked down my young body, my nn preeteens nymphets cock was still rock-hard, which surprised me, because it normally softened european nymphet sex a little bit if I had 2 wanks in quick succession. Then one of the twins took a close-up of my face, I'd forgotten all about them, and I smiled weakly at the camera. When Mr. Dev arrived at my head I asked him a links nymphets question, my voice, husky then breaking. "Can you play with my bum-hole a bit please Sir? It's itching to have something put up it, fingers, a dildo, a big cock, anything." Mr. Dev ruffled my hair and bent to my ear and whispered; "Not in this session Paul, in the movie it's supposed to be a hardcore nymphet paysites purely manual/oral examination to see how many times the boy can cum in one session. But don' t nude bbs nymphets worry, your sexy nymphets pics lovely boy-hole will have been well used by the time the weekend is over." I was very disappointed, but there was a lot of time left, and if they kept making me cum so expertly I could wait. Then he spoke nymphet nues normally. "I'll bet you're thirsty Paul, we are, would you like a drink?" "Yes please Sir." I replied in a croaking voice. Dr. K was just returning from the table carrying 3 bottles of squash, he passed them around and I sat up to drink mine which was twice the size of theirs. I tipped it back and had finished it before the men had drunk theirs. When they 'd finished Mr. Dev instructed me to lie back down; bbs nymphet rompl he reached under the table and passed a wide leather strap across my chest buckling it off on one side. "This is for safety," he explained, "the surface of the table divine nymphet is getting very slippy with your sweat. We don't want bd company nymphet you falling off and having an accident. " I couldn't have cared less what they did to me, I just wanted more sex. Then Mr. Dev rubbed the knob of his stiff, thick, veiny 9 inch cock across my lips. I licked them clean of his precum, then opened my mouth wide as he pushed his cock forwards and I started sucking and tonguing his naked knob. I gasped around the knob when I felt Dr. K's mouth engulf my cock and take the whole 4 and a bit inches into it. Then he undreage nymphets began gently fondling my balls, and Mr. nubile nymphet pussy Dev leaned over and started to play with my still erect little nipples. I couldn't believe that the sensations could be this intense from just sucking cock and having my own cock sucked and my nipples and ukrainian nymphets videos balls played with, but I was soon writhing in ecstasy, as I moaned and groaned around Mr. Dev's big cock. Of course it was the aphrodisiac, but I didn't know that. Reaching around his hairy thighs I held onto each hairy buttock and pulled Mr. Dev closer to my head, forcing another inch of his big, throbbing cock into my mouth. Then I did it again and his knob was now at the preview nymphets entrance to my throat, I was determined to swallow the monster no matter how big it was. I was totally consumed with lust. I tried to steady nymphet and model my breathing and relax my throat muscles, when I was ready I pulled him closer again, but I gagged, Mr. Dev pulled pretty young nymphets back a little immediately. " If it's piccs dolls nymphet too big you don't have russian nymphette to swallow my Indian elephant Paul, just suck me off." Of course I was in no position to answer him, but after a couple of seconds getting my breathing under control I free nymphette pics tried again, no joy. real little nymphets But on the fourth attempt I felt the big knob ease into my throat, success! girl model nymphets Mr. Dev stood stock still and let me direct the proceedings as little by little I took more of his big thick cock down young redhead nymphets my throat. After several minutes his crinkly pubes were tickling my nose, I'd swallowed all of his big cock which throbbed away in my throat. incest nymphets It must have looked really sexy watching a big Indian cock disappearing into the mouth of a naked young white boy who was having his own cock sucked off by another Indian! All this time Dr. K was expertly working on my cock, he'd deep throat it swallowing like mad, masturbating my knob and bit of shaft with his throat muscles. Then he'd lift of it until it was in his mouth, and he'd torment my knob with his tongue. He nymphet adventure was squeezing my balls even more, and the room was filled with the sound of the three of us moaning and groaning. I was thrashing around on the table, breathing as best as I could with Mr. Dev's cock down my throat, and sweat was running off all of us. Dr. K came nymphet young site around to one side of the table, took my hand, and placed moms fucking nymphet it on his stiff precum dripping cock. I squelched my palm over his torpedo knob and used his precum to lubricate his 7-1/2 inch cut cock as I began to squeeze and toss it. Mr. Dev told me to stop swallowing and he started to fuck my throat with tiny little strokes which slowly got longer and longer until, on the out stroke, only his flared knob 12yr old nymphets was in my mouth. I loved it, little models nymphets even the bit of pain as his knob went back down my throat. I was producing loads of saliva and soon learned to swallow some of it when the knob pedo nymphet incest was in my mouth, the rest helped lubricate my throat when the cock was fucked back down it. Mr. Dev kept up a slow steady pace and started to grunt every time petitenymphet he fucked his big, throbbing cock back into my throat. I was still playing with Dr. K's cock and he continued to work on mine. When the inevitable happened Dr. K must have felt nymph child pussy my balls start to tighten, because he lifted his mouth off my cock and pointed it up and towards my head as my third load of boycum shot from my cock. I came about as much as the second time and after cleaning my boycum young lo nymphets from his hand Dr. K was soon licking the rest of my boycum from top pussy nymphets my body. When my body was clean he loosened my hand and I sensed him go over to the desk. Mr. Dev continued to steadily face-fuck me, and even though girl nymphets pic I'd cum, I was still very turned on. I felt little nude hot nymphets my cock and was surprised to find that it was still hard. I sensed Dr. K was back, he spoke. "I'm just going to rub something into your cock Paul to give you an extra sensation, don't worry, nymphette photos free it won't have cute little nymphets pics any lasting effect." What could I say or do? My mouth and throat were full of Mr. Dev's Indian elephant dick, and pee nymphets I was strapped to the table. Whatever Dr. K applied to my knob, the inside and outside of my foreskin, and my shaft, felt really cool and soothing teenage nude nymphets at first. dark bbs russian nymphets Then I felt him coating my balls and my arse cheeks, arse crack and pucker, and finally my stiff little nipples. As he was finishing with my bum my cock started to tingle and soon it was as if my cock, balls, bum, and nipples were being bitten by an army of soldier ants. I was sure the stinging would be too much to bear and I writhed even more lifting my bum up off the table to try and ease the stinging, of course the belt was stopping me from getting off the table. But when Dr. K put my hand back on his cock I automatically resumed tossing it. With my free hand I felt my own cock, I couldn't understand it; it was now rigid, it felt stiffer than it had ever been, and even bigger! Dr. K moved my hand and he began to nymphets bbs magazine expertly toss me off yet again, it felt different and I managed to look down, he was wearing a surgical glove. When the hand I'd used nymphet image boards to feel my cock started to tingle I knew why he wore a glove; some of the cream or nymphets world whatever it was had transferred to my hand. Mr. Dev was almost standing still by now, my body's contortions were making me sort of fuck my throat with his cock. The stinging was actually turning me on now, stimulating me closer and closer to orgasm, so I reached around with my free hand, pushed Mr. Dev's hairy bum, and tried to get him to speed up, I wanted to nymphetsguestbook eat his cum; I'd extreme nymphet nude totally lost it, I wanted more and more nymphet zoo nymphet pedo asian sex. The sweat was rolling out of me pedo pix little nymphets as I writhed around on the table trying to jam more of nymphet manga download Mr. Dev's big thick cock down my nude nymphets girls nymphets underground ilegal throat, and he relented and gradually pushed his hips forwards until my nose yound nymphets was buried in his hairy teen nymphets ball sac and I could feel his rough pubes scratching my chin. I don't know how I managed to breath with his 9 inch cock filling my mouth and throat and his heavy ball sac covering my nose. All I know is that I was snorting loudly and could feel my face and neck getting redder and redder as I swallowed as fast as I could my throat muscles nymphets nud3e wanking his big fat cock. Mr. Dev was grunting little nymphetes porn loudly and I noticed his nymphets angels ukrainian ball sac was tightening. His body shuddered, his cock swelled and I felt a blast of hot, thick mancum hit the walls of my throat. virgin nymphetes He pulled back until his knob was back in my mouth just as he shot another load of mancum, I swallowed it immediately. He shot once more in my mouth then pulled his cock free. "Keep your mouth open wide." He ordered. He aimed his cock at my mouth and tossed it and another jet of mancum shot from his cock straight ls pics nymphets into my mouth, I swallowed it as best I could as I tried to keep my mouth nymphets bbs young wide open. I saw a camera inches from my mouth and I realised one of the twins was filming the thick mancum shooting into my gaping mouth. Mr. Dev shot into my nymphets paysite mouth another three times and as his last shot bubbled from his cock slit he stuffed his knob back into my mouth and I started to clean his knob with my tongue, at the top 50 photo nymphets same time sucking hard for his last few drops of man juice. His cum was the strongest tasting I'd eaten and I loved the salty, slightly acid taste. My whole groin and arse ls forum nymphets felt as if they were receiving thousands of little electric shocks and as I continued to suckle on Mr. Dev's softening cock I was thrusting my hips trying to fuck Dr. K's wanking hand. I was squeezing and wanking Dr. K's cock so hard he removed my hand. My head was spinning, I was sweating profusely and I could feel my fourth load of boycum boiling up in my balls. Mr. Dev's cock was stiffening again as I continued to suck and tongue his knob even when, once again my boycum shot from my throbbing cock high into the air. The cream must have made me very sexy because I shot ten times, the most I' ve ever cum and even when the last load of cum dribbled down my cock shaft (Dr. K had let go of my cock) my cock was as proud and stiff as ever. Mr. Dev eased his cock from my mouth as Dr. lo nymphets non nude K licked my body clean again, but this time he avoided any area that he'd applied the cream to. I lay back too exhausted to speak while Mr. Dev started to undo the strap. "CUT!" he yelled, then he spoke to me. "Did you enjoy that Paul, a little something I have sent over from India." "It was incredible Sir, but it's still tingling." "We'll soon fix that." He chuckled. "Dr. K please open the door." He scooped me up in his strong, hairy arms and carried me eternal nymphets com through the opened door. We were in a corridor with several doors leading off sex school nymphets it, one almost opposite was open and Dr. Dev carried me through into it. It magic nymphets bbs contained a toilet, a hand basin and a big bath with an overhead shower which was already filled with water. He lowered me into the bath, the water was refreshingly cold and I closed my eyes and nymphets sex incest sighed with pleasure as my video illegale nymphets body was submerged and the tingling was eased away. After a few not nymphets minutes he pulled the plug and turned on the shower. "Stand up under the shower Paul and wash all teenage nymphet pics traces of the bbs small nymphets lotion away, especially under your foreskin." My cock had remained stiff throughout and it seemed thicker than usual and when I pulled my boys nymphets foreskin fully back to get rid of all traces of the lotion my knob was bright red. I still didn't understand nymphets gallery bbs why my cock was so stiff. "Bend over and pull your arse cheeks wide apart while I do your ukrainian nymphets forums bum." I bent over and Mr. Dev took the shower head down and played it up and ls nymphet models down my arse crack for several minutes, which started to turn me on again. In fact I felt precum oozing from my cock-slit, causing me to moan softly. Mr Dev turned the shower off and handed me a towel. "Dry yourself off, don't worry too much about beauty divine nymphets your hair, it was wet with sweat before, so it'll just look natural in the film. model nymphet photography That's if you want to carry on?" "Oh yes Sir, I don't know why my cock won't go down, or why I feel so sexed up, but I'm loving it. The ways you and Dr K nymphets nude tgp made me cum were incredible, cumming's never felt so good; even nymphet cherry pussy the thing with nymphet movie galleries the lotion. And I just love sucking nymphets pretens xxx on your big juicy cocks and eating your strong mancum." At that Dr. K entered the bathroom. "Everything all right? Does Paul want nymphets teen pic to carry on? I do hope so." "Yes K, Paul's eager to continue." "Good. You'll be wanting some amature nymphets more squash then Paul?" He held out a bottle and I took it and started to drink. I noticed Mr. Dev give Dr. K a questioning look, and Dr. K spoke. "It's all right Dev, I'm monitoring the doses very closely, I'm not going to ruin this set-up." I didn't understand what was teenage sex nymphette going on, I was enjoying my squash. I can't wait to tell you about the evening session, so I'll get through the rest of the first session as quickly as I can. The three of us went back to the "surgery", we were still anita swedish nymphet naked, but the men's cocks were only half hard while mine was still as stiff as it had ever been. The twins were at the table, changing batteries I think. Mr. Dev told me to get back dark underground nymphet photo on the table and as I was settling down one of the nymphet nude xxx twins said anorexic nymphet they were ready. Mr Dev came to my head and told me to open up and he put his cock back in my mouth, then he shouted "ACTION". Mr. Dev removed his cock and Dr. K came and put his cock in my mouth, telling me to suck it, then he reached over and started to torment my erect nipples while Mr. Dev proceeded to suck me off while fondling my balls. And that's the way the young nymphete session went, they'd take turns sucking me off until I came all over my body. And at the same time there' d be a hard cock fucking my nymphet erotic stories throat. I came another 4 times, 8 times in all, and I had my body tongue cleaned every time. They only came 2 more times each, and they made sure after I got the taste of one nymphet 14yo shot of mancum that the rest were filmed in close-up with their cocks out of my mouth and their cum shooting into it. Of course I got some mancum on my face, but if nymphets bathing photos I couldn't lick it off they'd do it and nymphet gay sex drip rus nymphets sets it back into my waiting mouth. When I'd cum for the 8th time Mr. Dev called it a day, saying eight cumshots in around two hours was more than enough. I was pleased, I was knackered, satiated, my throat ached quite a bit and my cock was a little tender and had actually softened small tiny nymphet a bit. Dr. K took me to another room, a kitchen, on the table was a big bowl of thick porridge like stuff. I was starving nymphets sex slaves pics and when he told me to eat I was soon shovelling it down, I was starving and I didn't argue when he topped up my near empty bowl. There was a water jug and glass on the table too, and I must erotic nymphets girls have drunk two pints of water as well. When I'd finished I leaned back and yawned and Dr. K suggested I take a nap. I didn't argue and he took me into another room, which unlike the other rooms so far, had a ceiling. There was a comfortable looking bed, just a sheet on it, it was so hot you didn' t need any bedclothes, and a cabinet. I think I was asleep before I lay my 14-1/2 year old body down. End of part eight. Any constructive comments to Paul at Copyright You will find a list of my other stories posted angle nymphets on _www.nifty.org_ ( Click on Prolific Authors, and scroll down to INSILVA. Click on that for the list.
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